The most dangerous social policy is the idea that someone else is lower than you. I’ve seen people who lost everything achieve much. I’ve seen people who had much achieve nothing. I myself am trying to look at everyone I see through human eyes to see their human potential for exceeding the human condition. It’s […]


Find myself gravitating to stasis. Baseline. Flatline. Same old. Same grind, same rut, same accidental friends. Like a gaggle of bar flies you see at the same dive every night. Talking about being and going and wanting and living, but never really doing it. Just surviving on the stories of strangers. Shit, maybe that’s just […]


Thought of an old friend tonight who I hadn’t considered in a while. A pair of neurons rubbed together and formed a new insight, and in that moment I understood a part of why I liked her and treasured our friendship: she didn’t carry on like she wanted to shred every man alive. Sure, she […]