Shit and Pony Show

I think I should just quit. Just fucking quit. Leave this job I need to survive. Give away my things (sell what I can, if I’m not too shellshocked to ask money for it), move out to a shit town in the middle of nowhere, and just wait for death. Maybe Death By Redneck is […]

In the End

Same company, same job, new role. Heavy duties. Soul-crushing. Instead of making sure typical users can play Farmville while on Skype with company hardware, I’ll be managing a room full of test systems, each identical except for their own particular quirks, while I attempt to run a range of benchmarks on them to determine how […]

Sick Broken Soldiers

Every day, I feel the damning realization that I am getting old. Things fall apart. Currently, I am sitting at the confluence of several factors that are creating the perfect storm for health issues, and every one of them is aiming to wreck my personal savings. When I signed on with my employer, I turned […]