Sketch of Noodles

When, on the rare occasion, I turn on my music equipment and press Record, I’ve been saving my little songs with oblique filenames like “noodle<date>”, because that’s what these are…anonymous noodles. It’s me noodling around like a guitarist does with his tape deck: recording little ideas, roaming around to see where the phrases lead. Noodling. […]

Cold Firebox

A Friday night evaluation shows me completely disengaged and unmotivated. The boiler firebox is full of cold ash. There are a handful of things I could be doing, projects I could work on, things on a to-do list to knock off, but the fire is out. A train engine doesn’t serve to drive itself across […]

Hard Work Days Off

I feel like I should write something. My head is too fried. Work today was full of suck and confusion. Information overload. Being put into a role that demands a lot of attention to a high amount of detail about a lot of systems concurrently. The guy doing it has been doing it for over […]