Not sure if you guys have figured it out, but I’m an introvert. Thought I should share that. More a confession, really, but a confession in the way that a congregant confesses his sins to a priest who already knows the congregant commits sin on a daily basis. I require plenty of time alone to […]

Smart Monkey

Second day of my return to work. Back at my old company as a contractor. Once again, I’m a smart monkey. It’s not super-exciting-omg-yes, but it’s work. New lab, new team, new job functions: somewhere in the company, somebody wants to know how the data buses leaving the CPU behave electrically, and it’s the job […]

Silver Tongue

If the Devil himself confronted me and told me I could have one superpower in exchange for my soul, what would that Satanic superpower be? It would be language. Language. Like being able to speak and understand any language known to humanity, to be able to convince and sway. To communicate with any and all. […]

Personal Again

Now that Google has announced they’re bringing Google Fiber to Austin, I wonder how many of those subscribers who have websites will move their web services into their house where they have complete control over the box. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years, but Time Warner’s upstream cap of 98Kbps has prevented […]