Good news, everyone! The catalytic converter on my car has gone bad, and now my emissions control unit is throwing gang signs at me. Apparently it overheated due to a rich fuel/air mix, and the ceramic honeycomb inside has melted and knocked loose, which would explain the rattling for the past 2 weeks. I have […]


Really has been a Solitary Saturday. Spent all but 3 hours of it inside my apartment, mostly working on music. The song I wrote Wednesday has commanded a large chunk of my free time (which is fine, since I have a large chunk of it). The problem with spending so much solitary time is that […]


Hey kids. Administratus here (it’s really Shawn in a circus mask). Making a few performance upgrades and look-and-feel changes to Phaysis. It’s all in the name of delivering you, our beloved and adored, a kinder, better reading experience. Comments now have avatars to help you follow threads (we consider anything with 1 or more comments […]