Taking a lesson during these breezy times. When the wind is great, be like the oak, the spruce, the maple: bend with the wind, or you will break. Integrity is for simpletons. After the destruction, the people come to mourn the fallen, then chop it up for use as fuel and furniture for the building […]


It started out on the trajectory of being a normal Tuesday. Stan clocked in at his job at the photomat, put on his smock, mixed up the morning’s chemistry, pulled the rolls of undeveloped film and job tickets from the basket. Birthday parties, vacations at Yosemite, smiles in front yards. Then a cold gaze struck […]


Several screwdrivers later is not the time to reflect on inflection points in your life. One wrong mental turn, and I’m back in ’94~’95 thinking about all those times my academic advisors and professors tried to steer me right, before they held up their palms. Back when the murk of having my head down in […]