My resolution for 2013 was to make myself more interesting. Vague, I know. But I did endeavor with something concrete: I wanted to make myself more interesting by learning how to juggle. Seriously, yes. I’d been wanting to learn for years, but never got over that whole dropping-things fear. Well, this year, I actually executed […]


The muted hush of melancholy settles upon me as I face — with my back to a week off full of squandered potential — the work week ahead. Back into it. From obligation, to obligation, back into obligation. That’s what I have come to. Obligations. Obliged to do this-and-that, not enticed with reward, but enlisted […]

Meddi O Crity

Had a passing chat with an old friend earlier tonight, discussing recent projects and whatnot, reflecting on the week’s happenings to justify resting for the weekend. Having nothing myself to compare against his busy week, I said something like this: “I can’t match that. Not much going on. I’m just maintaining homeostasis, see. I am […]