Goodbye Evolution

I have a confession. I’ve stopped believing in Evolution. I don’t know how it happened, but it slowly evolved (or devolved) into one shitpile of an email/calendar/groupware application. The latest version packaged with Ubuntu is slower and buggier than ever. It will occasionally crash while using it (some of the controls in the configuration panel […]


Looking at getting my shit back together. I feel like the long weekend needs to come to an end; time to get busy, active, moving forward. I’m not hurting for cash at the moment, but my income will be drying up within two weeks. It’s time to make the grab at real life again. I’ve […]


Somewhere, out there, something tremendously awesome is happening, something life-affirming and soul-filling. It’s just out there, and it’s going on right now. I think my invite got lost in the mail.  

MixMaster Kitchenaid

I just wrote this on Facebook: You won’t hear about this in the mainstream media, but you need to know about the Theory of Peak DJ Names which predicts that by 2068 we will completely exhaust our supply of unused DJ names, the last one being DJ Buffalo Wings With Honey Mustard Sauce. This fate […]

Holy Season?

I am not Christian, so I do not celebrate the birth of Christ. I am not Jewish, so I do not burn nine candles when one will suffice. I am not Druid, so I do not decorate evergreen trees with charms. I am not Wiccan, so I do not celebrate the impregnation of the Moon […]