As I mentioned in my last post, yes, I did get laid off today on October 25th. It’s been a long haul at AMD, but it’s time to move on to somewhere more profitable. They gave me an agreeable severance package that means I’ll be paid through to February and medically covered through to the […]


People without opinions and agendas are boring. You cannot summon any sort of affiliation or hatred of them. No force, no electricity. I say this not as a drop of wisdom in a sea of bullshit. I say this as a reflection. Some day, I’ll commit to feeling something about anything. Magnetic polarities are essential […]

Long Play

Relationship movies as romantic placebo? Yeah, I do that. Last night? “Chasing Amy”. After knowing the community more during the 14 years since seeing it, it finally made some sense. Tonight? “Before Sunset” (as referenced earlier); second viewing, first since reviewing “Before Sunrise”. It’s better the second time. Also, “Lost In Translation”, because it’s difficult. […]