Want to know what kind of day I’m having? Megan Fox sits down at a table with me and starts talking about her tits. And then the alarm clock goes off. Stopped before it even started. And that was the high point of my day.


Recently, I made the judgment call to walk away from a group of people. These are otherwise decent folk, but I realized two weeks ago that I am not of their kind. After some time of sitting with them at the cafe, making smalltalk and trying to get involved, it became painfully apparent to me […]


Every once in a while, my self-image gets a hard reset, and the positive, hopeful, well-adjusted facades I’ve built crumble to reveal the greasy machinery underneath. It takes a long, long time to build it back up. So apologies to anybody I creep out, worry, or push away. I’m working on it.

Crumble, Fall, Break

It’s scary when we see our friends in long-term relationships splitting up. We look up to them as the Lovers-Forever people. They are our rock, our hope. When they eventually call it quits on each other, that rock crumbles. It shakes us up, destroys our belief in love eternal. If they didn’t have it after […]