C Is for ANSI, That’s Good Enough for Me

In a bid to expiate myself, I’m currently reading “The C Programming Language, Second Edition.” Written by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Richie, the inventors of the language, this book is the bible when it comes to learning the language. Most modern languages owe their existence to this one. All modern operating systems are primarily written […]

Dreamo Yawndustrial

My music doesn’t have a dick. Just so you know. I can listen to the most aggressive industrial, the most brash, dissonant glitch electronic, the cone-destroying crunch of lo-fi loop tech. I can crank that shit up until my ears get fatigued and go, “Yeah, man, I totally dig it! I wanna make this shit!” […]

Gum Shoes

Cannot shake the feeling that I’m wrong. Somewhere, I made the wrong choice, and everything afterwards is a byproduct of that fault. It would be nice if I knew, if I could navelgaze enough to determine where it happened, or if I could have the foresight to see where to get back on track. But […]