Just about every road out of here, I’ve explored Scattering to the four winds, I’ve been there All around this town, I’ve lived, I’ve learned and the road leads on… Just about every corner of this town, I’ve turned Looking under every stone, I’ve found all things Going out far from this place, I’ve loved, […]

Dead Man, a MDA Ed.

It took a few viewings, but now I understand that “Dead Man” (1995) is a palindrome in structure. The movie begins with the protagonist William Blake riding the train in, and ends with him riding a canoe out. Begins with him stumbling through the muddy streets of Machine with the butchers, hunters, mothers, morticians and […]

Off Day, On Day

I took today off. For working that late schedule last week, we were offered 8 hours comp time, and I took mine today. Mid-week was fine. I was actually busy today; a positive side benefit of having a day off during the week is that every place is open for business, busses run on a […]