Unknown Rockets

In this town, a man is known not by who he is, but by what he does. He is remembered for the final product of his creative output. It is not enough that you make music. You must make enough of it that people enjoy your work and carry your name banner into the field. […]

Working Up My Chops

1/3 lb Center-cut pork chop (5/8″ will do) Dust with seasoning salt Rub on dollops of chili powder Season with thyme, basil, oregano. Pepper to taste. Flip and repeat for second side. Pan fry in olive oil; sear both sides of chop for 30 seconds before continuing to fry. Flip occasionally to prevent chop from […]

In Which the Fool Admits Defeat on the Fields of Dreams

So I’ve come to an internal agreement. Actually, it’s more like an admission of defeat. Either that, or it’s a sudden ability to see that the easist path has been plainly in front of me the whole time. Call it what you want, but I ain’t happy about it. See, for the past eleventy-thousand years, […]