Going Home to Labor

For what it’s worth, I’m heading to Texarkana for the Labor Day weekend. 3-ish days of living la vida familia. I plan to do a lot of distracted hanging out while a TV is on, do a bunch of drowsy driving around town feeling bummed because everything has changed so much and nothing has changed […]

Red Whine

So, remember last week when I was waxing intoxicated about being happy? Well, that one drink of wine was enough to disturb the oh-so-delicate balance of bacteria in my mouth and throat, and suddenly I got sick. I should know better than to drink so little. Why drink once when I could drink twice? That’ll […]

District 9

If you have not seen District 9, you have done yourself a disservice. To give you an idea of why you should see it, watch this trailer. Failing that, you should know it was produced by Peter Jackson whose WETA effects studio was at the beck and call of new director Neill Blomkamp. It takes […]