Day Whatever

Yep. The wagon has left me behind. My will to quit has left me. Between last week and now I’ve polished off almost 2 packs of cigarettes. Not smoking as much as I used to, but I see myself ramping back up to near my old levels. I’m not too particularly impressed with myself, and […]

Day 17

I’ve been having a hell of a time with the quitting. Between friday and saturday night / sunday morning, I had a total of 5 cigarettes. Five! That’s a quarter-pack! These smokes didn’t do much to give me a buzz like that one I had earlier in the week; all they did was give me […]

Days 13 through 16

Hey folks. Been a few days going, but I finally have a bit of time, energy, and attention to sit down and write a log. Since, oh, Tuesday, I’ve been doing well with my lungs. I discovered Tuesday night, after an absconded cigarette which made my lungs clench and crud up, that for the prior […]

Days 11 and 12

The cravings continue, but the lung crud doesn’t. I’m already starting to breathe a good deal better. I am so happy about that. The fact that my lungs are feeling good makes them crave the tightening ache of tobacco smoke again, and that’s what’s making the quitting that much harder. So far, outside of a […]