YOU DON’T KNOW ME. Seriously, you probably don’t. You only know what I tell you. If you knew any more, you’d be my friend. And I don’t have any of those. I just have people who think they can predict me. And I absolutely can’t have that.


Radiowise, yeah, I know I’m trying to do everything correctly to the best of my abilities, but really, I kinda suck at the radio thing. It’s terrible to look up from your sketchpad and realize you’re really not that good at your hobbies. But here I am. Maybe I should just throw a random wire […]

Spelling: B

Did you know I was in a spelling bee in 5th grade? It’s true. Made it into the top 10. My school district’s layout put all the 5th and 6th graders together on the same campus. There were two spelling bees, one for 5th grade and one for 6th. I made top score at the […]