Car Windows

Since getting my smartphone, I’ve seen the horror of the mobile web — not the boiled-down, large print version of the web customized for mobile devices with small screens, but the regular web shrunk down to render in tiny fonts on small screens. This is what happens when site designers don’t update their HTML and […]

Jewels and Stones

So my web design opportunities have slimmed down. That’s to be expected, really. I had two people courting me for help, only one has come through with plans, meetings, and a set of requirements. So, naturally, that is the one I will work on. I’ve already made a temporary site; it’s mostly in Perl and […]

In Which the Hobbyist Gets Business

My time of dabbling and dawdling with HTML, CSS, and server-side scripting are potentially yielding me some business. Two seperate friends of mine have been talking with me about building websites for them. They’re both hobbyist craftspersons, and they need sites that are beyond the basic “business card” site. They need galleries, user authentication, project […]

Keepin’ up with the Bones

Just a quick update: I’m working on making the html of Phaysis a little more robust. It’s still a little screwy in IE (all versions), but looks fine in Mozilla. Netscape 4+ is just right-out. :sighs: Really goes against my drive for cross-browser, cross-platform design techniques. It’s a learning process, at least. :shakes fist at […]

Hi there!

Hey y’all. Got a spiffy new journal engine. Nice, eh? In this box you’ll find my latest journal entry. You can click the “journal” link in the menu on the left to view past entries, or you can click the “read more” link at the bottom of this box to continue reading more entries. The […]