Graveyard Bailout

When I am on graveyard shift rotation, I cannot help but feel bankrupt. Socially, mentally, physically, spiritually bankrupt. Haven’t even started my first shift yet (that’s tonight), but with the black plastic over my windows, I miss the sun already. My sleep is either too long or too short. Feast or famine, and nothing in […]

Push Up and Twist

Effective June 1, I am promoted at work to Tier 3 technical support. This is a good and bad thing. Good in that I get more pay and more capabilities in the datacenter. Bad in that I have more responsibilities and will be in the on-call rotation. I should be happy about it. Really, I […]


It bothers me that the little sleep I get is dominated by dreams of work. Being on night shift, my sleep schedule is completely inverted, and I’m lucky if I can get 5 hours of solid sleep a day. When i start to come out of sleep, if my dreams aren’t involved with work, they […]