Red Whine

So, remember last week when I was waxing intoxicated about being happy? Well, that one drink of wine was enough to disturb the oh-so-delicate balance of bacteria in my mouth and throat, and suddenly I got sick. I should know better than to drink so little. Why drink once when I could drink twice? That’ll […]

Year-end Egress Into Infirmity

So yeah, I’m sick. Thanks. My year, 2007, was punctuated by eleven days off; holiday work closure encompassing seven working days and two weekends. I planned to use this time for loafing, for projects, for doing what the hell pops into my mind; then my mother called to tell me she was coming down for […]

Gastritis, Bad Nightis

If you have a weak stomach, stop reading. Thanks. I’m not too sure about it, but I think I’m sick. Got a little nauseous last night, but settled my stomach. Today, got nauseated at work, and it kinda settled in for the long haul. One of my coworkers was out with it today, and will […]