They That Disrupt

Made a new acquaintance this week, some young person new to the cafe. Joined in our conversation at our table. Telling us about their hobbies and stuff they’re into. Great. Another friend joined us after a few minutes, and in the spirit of good will, I sought to catch her up on our new friend. […]


Adverb for agreement and consent. Amen. Statement of “so be it”. Amen. Punctuation to a long prayer. Amen. That is the past. These are our hopes. This is our intent. Amen. Please let us move on, dream on, go forward into the dark night. Amen. Pushing to the sunrise of our souls, of our world. […]


So with the recent bombings in Paris, Syria, et cetera, and the anti-Islam radicalism that’s popped up, it seems Texas has shown its own special brand of hate by defacing mosques. I’m against this sort of thing, personally. It’s a hateful act. BUT: I’m an atheist. Normally, I would not give a damn if someone […]