Woke up taking a mental inventory of the women I have been involved with throughout my life. The account of the sparseness and brevity of each relationship is sobering. Calendar dates are fuzzy, but the dating sticks in my mind; so infrequent, they’re like oases in the desert. Taking inventory is a depressing activity, and […]


The latest album from Shara Worden’s project My Brightest Diamond is in my heavy rotation this week. Of the ten tracks on her release “This Is My Hand” (2014), the one that is really getting under my skin is “Resonance“. It’s a complex piece of work. The disparate musical and rhythmic elements phase in and […]

Crumble, Fall, Break

It’s scary when we see our friends in long-term relationships splitting up. We look up to them as the Lovers-Forever people. They are our rock, our hope. When they eventually call it quits on each other, that rock crumbles. It shakes us up, destroys our belief in love eternal. If they didn’t have it after […]