Electric Graffiti

Sometimes you find the funniest things in the most unexpected of places. Here’s a log from my session with the Winlink node operated by KE7XO at 14103.5 KHz: *** Connected to Winlink RMS: KE7XO @ 2019/01/26 17:51:23 USB Dial: 14103.500 at 2019/01/26 17:51:23 *** Station Bearing: 297, Range: 1751 km *** Hola, Bienvenido a mi […]

Winlink 2000 – Email on the Wind

Since I have my ham rig already set up for soundcard modes, I decided to give WinLink 2000 a try. WL2K is an email-over-the-air transport system that can take advantage of many modulation modes and frequencies, and allows a remote station with no Internet access to send and receive email messages complete with attachments. It’s […]