Interstellar Sights and Social Rights

We have the first image of a black hole, and it took a lot of computational power and cleverness to generate it. Great! Holy crap, yes! I’m proud of scientific progress! Katie Bouman and her team did an amazing job! What’s less amazing isn’t the reporting that Dr. Bouman was the technical lead on the […]

They That Disrupt

Made a new acquaintance this week, some young person new to the cafe. Joined in our conversation at our table. Telling us about their hobbies and stuff they’re into. Great. Another friend joined us after a few minutes, and in the spirit of good will, I sought to catch her up on our new friend. […]

Emetic Diuretic

touching every nerve on repeat ad infinitum, ad nauseum, ad vertisium straw men on infinite scroll binge and purge, singe and durge the anger, the righteousness, the fearmongering the masturbation we can’t see it i can’t believe it constant waves crashing over my head taking on water, swallowing it all down not wanting to drown […]


Everything is a symbol Everything means something Everything is a reaction to that which was a reaction immediately before. And here I am, flying in my porcelain teapot over the fields of Orion. From a distance o’er your red grass where you’re Reading holy scripture from your matchbook turned to page 12 Stoking your love, […]