Quadrennial Grotesque

The 30’s is when the dysmorphia sets in. First you’re thinking “damn, I look great”, and then you turn 40 and what you see in recent pictures doesn’t agree with your ancient self-image of fitness. Motion sickness hits in the mid section. You’ve become plagued with the grotesque and never noticed, though you always suspected. […]

Back Fourty

Follow-up to Set Back: Good news. Doc says the MRI shows I have herniated disks. The stabbing knife in my mid-back is a big herniation, the kind where the disk is bulging out of its space between the vertebrae and pressing against the spinal cord. That’s pretty cool. And I have three smaller bulges in the […]

Old Band, Old Man

Musically, my tastes and knowledge are stuck in the period of time before 2001. I mean, yeah, there’s a few modern bands and projects that I find pretty cool, but with regards to who all the crazy kids are listening to these days, I’m flummoxed. The amount of new music worth listening to has multiplied […]