Back Fourty

Follow-up to Set Back: Good news. Doc says the MRI shows I have herniated disks. The stabbing knife in my mid-back is a big herniation, the kind where the disk is bulging out of its space between the vertebrae and pressing against the spinal cord. That’s pretty cool. And I have three smaller bulges in the […]

Old Band, Old Man

Musically, my tastes and knowledge are stuck in the period of time before 2001. I mean, yeah, there’s a few modern bands and projects that I find pretty cool, but with regards to who all the crazy kids are listening to these days, I’m flummoxed. The amount of new music worth listening to has multiplied […]


Iiiiiit’s mmmyy… B I R T H D A Y! Yes, folks. Another birthday. Yep. Not feeling any younger. :) Shawn is now the ripe old age of 31. Not sure what I’m doing today to celebrate. Had plans, but, well, they just aren’t going to materialize. Ah well. It’d be nice if some luuuv […]