The horse I ride in on is a 14-year-old Honda Civic with 147,000 miles. It is completely bought and paid for, and completely mine. And it has problems: old mare problems. I’ve been having issues where my transmission was taking too long to shift between gears when the engine is cold. For a year, I […]

Sick Broken Soldiers

Every day, I feel the damning realization that I am getting old. Things fall apart. Currently, I am sitting at the confluence of several factors that are creating the perfect storm for health issues, and every one of them is aiming to wreck my personal savings. When I signed on with my employer, I turned […]


No, I don’t need to be doing this. No. Not right now. Shit. No. Trying to write some code to parse my pay stubs from my last job into a usable spreadsheet format, so I can do some math and consider signing on with unemployment insurance. The mental gears are working and I’m diagnosing the […]