It’s sick that I have to call my mother to wish her a happy Father’s Day. No child should have to do that. But there it is. She attempted to serve double-duty as my father for my entire life; she could only give me half the story, but she kept trying nonetheless. I applaud her […]


The muted hush of melancholy settles upon me as I face — with my back to a week off full of squandered potential — the work week ahead. Back into it. From obligation, to obligation, back into obligation. That’s what I have come to. Obligations. Obliged to do this-and-that, not enticed with reward, but enlisted […]

Holy Season?

I am not Christian, so I do not celebrate the birth of Christ. I am not Jewish, so I do not burn nine candles when one will suffice. I am not Druid, so I do not decorate evergreen trees with charms. I am not Wiccan, so I do not celebrate the impregnation of the Moon […]

I Hate the Fourth

Should I go down and watch the fireworks No it’s too crowded and parking sucks But there’s explosions and people No too much work But it’s almost time No just stay at home But I don’t want to be home No maybe watch it on TV But that experience sucks maybe I’ll just leave the […]