Quadrennial Grotesque

The 30’s is when the dysmorphia sets in. First you’re thinking “damn, I look great”, and then you turn 40 and what you see in recent pictures doesn’t agree with your ancient self-image of fitness. Motion sickness hits in the mid section. You’ve become plagued with the grotesque and never noticed, though you always suspected. […]


Car’s gone. Got hauled off today. Check is in the mail. Today’s been one of those days where you pick up your shoes three times and drop them every damn time. Extremities are tingling; I think I have circulation problems. Or a pinched nerve. Or too much caffeine on a daily basis. Caffeine’s a vasoconstrictor. […]


So the good news is that the doctor found something wrong with me. The bad news is that the treatment is lifelong. According to the polysomnogram I got last week, I apparently stop breathing when I sleep. Not all through the night, mind you, but only during REM sleep. As soon as REM is over, […]