First Principles: Quid Pro Quo

This night rotation has put me into a certain headspace — introspection, extrospection. Luckily, the neurochemicals are lining up and I’m seeing a few things more clearly. Spending an unhealthy amount of time alone, and I’m not too happy about that, but in this conjunction of moments, I’m relearning a few truths about being a […]


Thought of an old friend tonight who I hadn’t considered in a while. A pair of neurons rubbed together and formed a new insight, and in that moment I understood a part of why I liked her and treasured our friendship: she didn’t carry on like she wanted to shred every man alive. Sure, she […]


To be fair, the friendship I destroyed was mended. You can still see the chips, cracks, and glue smudges, but it’s functional again. It took some difficult talking, some private thinking, and a mutual redefinition to make it work. A little bit of distance is good medicine, too. We’ll revisit the matter in a few […]