Pandemic, People, Purity, Paranoia

I think what twists us up the most about COVID-19 is that we have to assume everybody else has COVID-19 until they prove that they have COVID-19. That’s a hyper-paranoid way to walk through life. It really is. It’s like saying, “you have to assume everybody else is the secret police until they prove that […]


YOU DON’T KNOW ME. Seriously, you probably don’t. You only know what I tell you. If you knew any more, you’d be my friend. And I don’t have any of those. I just have people who think they can predict me. And I absolutely can’t have that.


Coffee shop life. I like the drink, but I like the company. Rather, I like the hope of company. What is delivered instead is an ocean of unknown faces and a beachhead of granite; the bulk and masses and swells — a tide of people who I could know but never will know — as […]