All my friendships are telemediated, because talking in person isn’t so great. The whole thing’s unrewarding. Everybody else’s voice is more important. Only time I can speak truth is on the bathroom walls. But that’s just a bullhorn with a remote mic. No recourse, no defense, but no audience feedback. Just scribbles on paint. Kilroy […]

Rover Teeth

Getting bored more and more easily. Antsy, even. My acquaintances are, for the most part, not interested in me enough to pull me out of my doldrums; just sitting within earshot of them while I stare at my phone is perhaps the most painful way to spend my time. So I typically do the Irish […]


Really has been a Solitary Saturday. Spent all but 3 hours of it inside my apartment, mostly working on music. The song I wrote Wednesday has commanded a large chunk of my free time (which is fine, since I have a large chunk of it). The problem with spending so much solitary time is that […]

Two-Thousand and Ten Answers, But No Solution

I have the singular ability to embarrass myself, which is convenient because it saves you the effort. The way I beat you to the punch by deprecating myself, I consider that a service I excel at. Like mama always said, if you can’t say anything good, say it about yourself, because for every finger you […]