Grow Grow

Tell your story. Tell it again. Repeat. Refine. They will roll their eyes. You will make it better. You will polish the rough parts. You will repeat. Practice. Practice. Consistency, but improvement. You will think they’re laughing. Some will notice. Some will care. Some will applaud. Your small circle has the misfortune of hearing your […]


Find myself gravitating to stasis. Baseline. Flatline. Same old. Same grind, same rut, same accidental friends. Like a gaggle of bar flies you see at the same dive every night. Talking about being and going and wanting and living, but never really doing it. Just surviving on the stories of strangers. Shit, maybe that’s just […]


Several screwdrivers later is not the time to reflect on inflection points in your life. One wrong mental turn, and I’m back in ’94~’95 thinking about all those times my academic advisors and professors tried to steer me right, before they held up their palms. Back when the murk of having my head down in […]