The shit I could’ve accomplished in life if I had been given the least bit of confidence in what I was doing early on. It’s not the dance, it’s not the singing, it’s not the performance, it’s the proving that you can and will rise above the baseline and move into the spectacle that will […]


Eventually, I found myself in a land of pastel, of clean squares and ornate architecture. A long plane of gardens and villas, perfect trees, grid lines and curved surfaces broken up in pleasing ways to keep monotony away. Spiral columns holding up veils and sheets, wide beds for reclining and sleep. It was a place […]

Songs about Dreaming

Got a not-insignificant amount of sleep this morning. It was pretty great. Slept long enough to dream (you know how important this is). So, dream log warning: I was walking around, as I do in dreams, and crossing paths with various random 20-somethings. College town, college dreams, I guess. Sunny but gray, backsides of buildings, […]

Future, in Memorium

Halloween. Did nothing, went nowhere. Election day. Got up early and voted. Dia de los Muertos. I don’t celebrate, but I’m burning candles anyway. In the past now. Memories. May they fade quick. But then the future? Two close friends are wedding this week. About damn time, I say. Taking time off for it. And […]