Woke up taking a mental inventory of the women I have been involved with throughout my life. The account of the sparseness and brevity of each relationship is sobering. Calendar dates are fuzzy, but the dating sticks in my mind; so infrequent, they’re like oases in the desert. Taking inventory is a depressing activity, and […]

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It was a weekend. A span of time passed undetected, uninspired, uncaring, into the night. And now it is almost Monday. Almost time to sleep. 6am arrives too early. Beyond that, my first day on the phone. I am being pushed into it, face first; trial by fire, I guess. There’s really only so much […]

Prone, Supine

My greatest feat today was defeating gravity. It took an extreme force of will to pull myself up to a standing position. This is becoming a frequent problem of late, viewing the room from the floor, grabbing at the furniture, standing what I see when I look at myself. Forgiveness comes in tiny doses. I […]


Socrates, as reported by Plato, went on record to have said, “The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being”. This has been my driving motivator, and chief justification, for journaling and blogging since 1991. Through doing so, I hoped, I would find myself, and my life would miraculously be worth living. Twenty-two […]