Earthbound and Down

Perhaps the most sobering thought is that, after a lifetime of dreaming, I’m still going to die on this planet. That after thinking about galaxies, looking up at the stars, writing about extra-planetary travel, reading books and listening to programs about life out there, and trying to raise myself above whatever provincial concerns that surround […]

To Pam, Ever Steadfast

On Sunday, the world lost the wonder of Pam Blackmon-Bailey. After a lifelong struggle with her own body, she now rests in peace. She leaves behind her husband Craig and three teenage daughters. Pam was one of my best friends during my time at OBU and one of the reasons I moved to Greensboro those […]

Requiem for Greg, Who Lived In Excellence

Requiescat In Pace, Greg Reddin, my friend. Greg was my best friend in high school. He took me in when I needed a friend. At the time, I was in a state of floating between groups of acquaintances, without anchor, associating with a group of people who insulted me at every opportunity. I would occasionally look […]

Fortune Falls

Today, I watched a bird suffer and die. I was finishing my meal at a chinese restaurant, about to crack open the fortune cookie, when I heard a rattling slap on the window to my left. Seeing no one outside, I looked down to see what had hit the window and there it was, fluttering […]