Car Windows

Since getting my smartphone, I’ve seen the horror of the mobile web — not the boiled-down, large print version of the web customized for mobile devices with small screens, but the regular web shrunk down to render in tiny fonts on small screens. This is what happens when site designers don’t update their HTML and […]

Substandard Compliance

The erosion of academic writing continues: “Several media queries can be combined in a media query list. A comma-separated list of media queries. If one or more of the media queries in the comma-separated list are true, the whole list is true, and otherwise false.” Source: W3C Media Queries Come on, World Wide Web Consortium, […]


As you can obviously tell, Phaysis has gotten another facelift. This time, the design is markedly different. Previous designs were simply variations on a theme; different colors, different header logo, same layout. This time, completely different layout, colors, and everything. And I’m completely happy with the design. Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading […]

Keepin’ up with the Bones

Just a quick update: I’m working on making the html of Phaysis a little more robust. It’s still a little screwy in IE (all versions), but looks fine in Mozilla. Netscape 4+ is just right-out. :sighs: Really goes against my drive for cross-browser, cross-platform design techniques. It’s a learning process, at least. :shakes fist at […]