Ultimately, all technological systems are mediums for human systems. As much as I love computers, networking, radio, etc., I still have to wrestle with the human factor. People are why those things exist. I can study and focus and fixate on the tech, but the tech is completely, irrevocably, in service of human communications. I […]

Smart Monkey

Second day of my return to work. Back at my old company as a contractor. Once again, I’m a smart monkey. It’s not super-exciting-omg-yes, but it’s work. New lab, new team, new job functions: somewhere in the company, somebody wants to know how the data buses leaving the CPU behave electrically, and it’s the job […]


I’m tired. I hate computers. I had too much dinner, and this coffee is too little, too late. Is this what being a grownup is like? Because I don’t like it. There was a power outage at my apartment today. Lasted almost an hour, much longer than my UPS backup systems can sustain. In other […]