Cold Burn

Getting a lot of Facebook ads to join several of many “burner” groups. I may be friends with many people in the local burner community, but I am not a burner myself. It’s like Facebook doesn’t even know me. For that much, you also don’t know me. Maybe that’s by design. If so, then I […]

Bug Juice

Been a few days since I’ve touched the booze, and I’m fine with that. Actually, since I started antibiotics for bronchitis last week, it’s been a rather dry week. Again, fine with that. I recognize that I do my liver no good service with carrying on the family tradition. But now that the antibiotic regimen […]

All I Got for Xmas

So the holidays were crappy. That’s par for the course. I hate the holidays, but I try to power through them the best I can. At least I’m getting paid holiday pay this time around; thank the stars for not being a contractor anymore. Still, this xmas sucked ass because the only thing I got […]