Cold Fire

At the end of this Christmas holiday, I had some time to be outside and feel the crisp air on my cheeks. The cold weather tonight is knocking loose a few odd memories, particularly this nugget from the year 1984 which, dare I say, is the golden age of heavy metal and hard rock. Dokken […]

Holy Season?

I am not Christian, so I do not celebrate the birth of Christ. I am not Jewish, so I do not burn nine candles when one will suffice. I am not Druid, so I do not decorate evergreen trees with charms. I am not Wiccan, so I do not celebrate the impregnation of the Moon […]

Year-end Egress Into Infirmity

So yeah, I’m sick. Thanks. My year, 2007, was punctuated by eleven days off; holiday work closure encompassing seven working days and two weekends. I planned to use this time for loafing, for projects, for doing what the hell pops into my mind; then my mother called to tell me she was coming down for […]

Xmas Day in Hindsight

My 10-hour nap is over, and I feel like hell. I really don’t know how you couchsurfers can do it. I slept on the couch here and my back feels like one of those turkish windmill knots that scouts earn merit badges for learning. But I got some sleep, and now that I’ve gotten up […]