In Touch

Been compiling all of my contacts from various address books, phone books, and contact lists into one central place. It’s strange, the gaps and the old information. Missing phone number here. 10-year-old instant messaging contact name there. 5 year old email address with a service that’s no longer in vogue. Makes me realize the importance […]


Dark room nights when phosphor meant something; electrons flowed from cathode, magnetic fluxes to deviate beams serial flow to parallel screens. Alone at terminals, each character changed flyback hum colors changed with programmed tone — music of the transistors underneath, and whine of local parts was sound of distant hearts. Dial tones began the laughter […]

Repairing the Dripping Faucet of the Time Sink

So, I’ve been negligent to this journal in the past month. Not unusual, but so much has happened and I haven’t shared. I know I should document at least some of the exciting and mundane things just to keep you people coming back. So negligent. For that, I’m sorry…but not that sorry. Eh, five or […]