[page2] : more news about [phaysis] (from the archives)

Part of a series of posts from my old website archives. Enjoy!

Plans are in the beginning stages for some good things to come for [phaysis].

In the works are:

  • on-the-fly page generation from a database of documents
  • easier updating, which would allow more updates on a more regular basis
  • a journal, so I can anger more people than I know with my honest thoughts
  • a dynamic html persistent interface (ask your folks what that means)
  • a message board where you can leave general “guestbook” style shout-outs or leave comments on my journal
  • information about me, my resume, and anything else you’d like to know about me but may never know
  • and more randomly inserted crap than you can shake a channelbar at

Be patient as [phaysis] grows, changes, and progresses. Right now, it’s a blank slate, but tomorrow, next week, later, it will be something very good. If you like something about [phaysis], speak up; I do well with feedback.

Phaysis promises to go beyond the successes of the past.

Stay tuned.


Welcome to Phaysis (from the archives)

Part of a series of posts from my old website archives. Enjoy!

Welcome to phaysis.

New home.  New place.  New focus.
The Farm, as it is, is nearing its final days.  “The Farm” has been my sitename of choice for three years.  After carrying it as far as it can go, it’s time for The Farm to retire.

Phaysis is a new direction for me, a chance to go metropolitan in tone, design, and style.  The host for Phaysis supplies me with more capability, more control, and, admittedly, a lower cost.  This host allows me my first exposure with CGI programming and the strengths it brings with it.

This is my time to grow.

Be patient as Phaysis grows, changes, and progresses.  Right now, it’s a blank slate, but tomorrow, next week, later, it will be something very good.  If you like something about Phaysis, speak up; I do well with feedback.

Phaysis promises to go beyond the successes of the past.

Stay tuned.


What is “Phaysis”?

“Phaysis” is that grey area we live in, where we are changing, moving, evolving, yet nothing is really happening.  Through phases of both push and pull, a state of stasis is maintained.  Yet, this stasis cannot exist without the movement.

“phases impending stasis
stasis impending phases”

No matter what our state in life, we are always on the verge of something – something better, something worse.  If progress (or regress) are in dominant form, a step back from the picture shows that the opposite form is around the corner.

Phaysis is the constant battle of movement and non-movement.  Examine the spinning Phaysis logo in the bottom right corner of the window.  What is it doing?  It spins, but it goes nowhere.  Yet, it is also said that it goes nowhere, but it spins!  That is phaysis.

The face of phaysis is always changing.  Its appearance varies by our perspective, how we look at it, by what we project it onto.  Some cry “vanity!” and lose faith, while others look upon it and gain hope.  We feel it without touching it.  We cannot touch it.  We see it without looking at it.  We cannot look at it.  We know it without learning it.  We cannot learn it.  We call it Tao.  We call it Zen.  We call it the Holy Trinity.  We all address the same thing that we cannot possess, the one factor that is as deeply a part of everything that exists (and doesn’t exist).  “Each action produces an equal but opposite reaction.”  Phaysis is the duality.  Phaysis is the equality.  Phaysis is the nothingness.  That is phaysis.

I personally am on the verge of something good in my life.  I’m constantly on that edge.  I know it.  You know it about yourself.  I am also constantly on the verge of decay.  You can say the same.  Positive, negative, plus, minus, growth, decay, on, off, matter, antimatter = null.  That is phaysis.

Phaysis is in all things.  All things are in phaysis.  It is a part of everything.

That is phaysis.

1999-09-27 The Farm: thoughts (from the archives)

Part of a series of posts from my old website archives. Enjoy!

[thoughts] something to consider.

Seeds of love

I witnessed the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen online this weekend. What I talk about is art. “Art online? There’ve been paintings posted online since the web began,” you say. No. This goes beyond pixelized retakes of realspace expressions of art. What I talk about is people going beyond the use of this medium, the web, to make us think, or make us know, or make us do something. No. What these people do is use the technology we have to make us feel.

Imagine, if you will, a site that takes you inside the bedroom of a couple expressing their love for each other, going deeper than lurid snapshots and low-refresh webcams; going deeper than sounds, deeper than motion. Through this medium, we can be taken inside the minds, hearts, and souls of those two people. We know what they think. We feel what they feel. We desire what they desire. We get to the core of their hellish unfulfilled desire for love. Such a site exists. [skinonskinonskin] is this site. The intro to the site is beautiful. A soft female vocal track swoons about the desire of love, of being a woman on fire, with a woman’s breath underneath a melodic loop that evokes you into feeling what she feels. Entering the site, you are taken into the beginning of a 90-minute experience that explores in indescribable terms the eroticism of love, desire, and passion of which we will never attain, and the hell created by that lack.

This is a project of hell.com, a small, extremely exclusive group of new media artists who collaborate on projects and exhibitions such as skinonskinonskin and [fakeshop] which are crafted and skilled to make us feel something, to evoke us into seeing something we’ve not looked closely at before, into being someone we never thought we’d be.

This inspires me. I’ve had thoughts of using the web as a fundamental artistic channel, but never on this level. This incites me to create. New muses are speaking to me. Hence the poem and the presentation of it at the front of this site. I want to use this medium, these new technologies not for the sake of using them, but ultimately, to mean something.

I want to go where I can express something in not so many words. The thought of what can be done chills me. I want to express emotion – I want to use a “writer’s mind” to conjure a world for you to become absorbed in. I want to find that deeper poetry.

1999-09-27 The Farm: page2 (from the archives)

Part of a series of posts from my old website archives. Enjoy!

[page 2] what’s important to me.

Creating a monster

It’s been a while since I spoke online. I know. I have times where some of my muses grow silent, and occasionally other muses speak up after their turn with silence. Most of my time of late has been spent doing other things on my computer. I’m working on a song which I’m kinda proud of. The style is my version of old-school dance-techno with a dark “monster mash” spin. Kinda humorous.

I got the itch to write music about a week or so ago, and this time, instead of cutting and pasting sound files together in Cool Edit, I decided to go online and look into some serious software multitrack programs. Most I found were lame, but a few I’ve found shine through. I’m giving them a spin, and we’ll see how it all works out. When my song is finished (and when I feel good about releasing it), I’ll post it on [mp3.com] and I’ll tell you where it is so you can check it out whenever you like. (If you want, I could tell you when it’s posted.)

I’ve also started doing some image editing as a gift for some friends. I’ve decided that last year’s Renfest pictures needed some good old-fashioned touching up. Most of the pictures I took last year were pretty good, but I’ll be damned if there weren’t mundanes in almost every picture! Clone brush be my friend…. A few images will provide short work of removing the mundanes from the frame, but others will take a little more time. No big deal, though.

Speaking of Renfest, I’m gearing-up to go to this year’s festivities. Me and my large, large group of friends are going this year on the weekend before Halloween, October 22, 23, 24, and 25, and just about all of that will be a blissful repeat of last year’s drunken orgy of a good time, with (hopefully) less rain, dammit!

I’m making lists of what I need to do / get / pack beforehand so when we leave, which is exactly four weeks away, I’ll be plenty prepared to camp and have a good time. Due to the preparations, my big-assed-doohickey-of-a-website project I’ve mentioned will be on the back burner for a while. No loss, to be sure. As our motto goes: I’ll do (such-and-such) … AFTER RENFEST!

So, now, the urgency for a real job has hit me hard. Gotta have money to go to Renfest, see?

We’ll see how it goes.

1999-09-02 The Farm: thoughts (from the archives)

Part of a series of posts from my old website archives. Enjoy!

[thoughts] something to consider.

Wherever we may roam-

The workforce in technology has changed tremendously in the past decade. Change leaves its touch not only on the people in the workforce, but has also touched the structure of that workforce in ways that enable those people with the tools and skills to free themselves from the age-old “our team forever or bust” ideal. Here’s my argument.

The widespread use of technology in business has sped us up – we do things faster, we find it more profitable to run our businesses as orchestrated parts as opposed to running them as monolithic wholes. Business structures are no longer seen as a body with internal organs working with each other in a closed ecosystem. We see businesses increasingly as neighborhoods where we reach out, know our neighbors, and make best use of each other’s resources – we outsource more and use more temporary contract labor. Much of the quicker-moving businesses consist of people acting as free-agents who are able to look out for themselves and service whoever will pay them.We see business as a world of independent nation-states, each of them making deals and moving as directed by the organizing central core. To change directions, a business need only to change its component parts, to close deals with some and begin deals with others in reaction to need.

On a human scale, this is a very beneficial time for those who have the skills and can find the jobs. Those people are the ones who have the advanced skill sets, the knowledge of esoteric technologies, the things that are highly sought-after. These people have to be excellent salespeople. Their number-one product is themselves.

On the other end, it makes difficultly for those who cannot, or are not good enough, to promote their services. They may have the good skill sets, but in some way, they’re not good at landing the contracts.

There are also those who can sell themselves well, but may either lack the skills or their skills are in low demand. Where once HTML programmers were in high demand, those jobs are now handed out as entry-level positions as more people learn the language and as more technologies emerge to automatically generate HTML. The people who are good at selling themselves but lack what they need may opt to put their sales skills to better use in selling the skills of others. We now have a whole industry that specializes in placing contract labor into technology jobs.

For those who are new to the technology fields or still young in this realm of the free agent world are finding it more difficult to get a foothold and become established. As newer technologies emerge, it is those who grasp those technologies while they are still young who will jetison into positions of mastership and expertise. Those are the things to take aim for as well as keeping an eye on the current staple technologies as a foundation. Training and education take the free agents far, but attention must also be kept towards research and discovery, to grasp the new things and hold on as they develop.

As free agents in a growing, faster changing workforce, they begin to chip away at the long-held bastion of employment: the pension. As free agents, we rely more on our own independent retirement accounts and less on the standard of “twenty years and a gold watch.” In the past 20 years we’ve seen an immense growth in the usage of IRA’s which travel with us as we go from job to job; the constant threat of downsizing and the increasing insecurity of jobs demands it if we wish to ensure our preferred quality of life throughout our lives.

The existence of IRA’s is a strong indication of modern business’s direction towards the nation-state status. With our skill sets, our salesmanship, and our tools, we carry with us everything we need as if we were crossing the vast landscape from village to village in a journey of selling our wares.

The current of modern business puts a larger portion of the workforce into a place where we act as drops of rainwater that form into puddles, only to evaporate when needed and precipitate into other puddles. It’s the giving-away of corporate monogamy to the one-man shops of skilled craftsmen; it’s the idea of the new ways – we go where we’re needed, we fight and compete for places to be, we trade services with those who have the goods to trade. Industrial ideologies yield to technological methodologies.

We are the nomads.