Make Me Krazy Very

Sometimes, I really, really hate software.I installed this copy of MakeMKV from the source tarballs two weeks ago. Two. When I attempted to convert a disc this morning, I got this. This is the second time this software has “expired” on me. Funny, it worked just fine before the expiration date.

Plex Transcode, Vex Commode

What good is a streaming media server if it doesn’t stream media? No good, that’s what. Some time after installing the Plex Media Center plugin on my FreeNAS file server, I tweaked some settings. One of those was “Transcoder temporary directory”, which I set to be some folder I created inside my Plex chroot jail. […]


Spinning off from the momentum of my JX-3P decoder, I’m attacking the TI tape decoder project again. Managed to successfully detect the tape dumps and get a bit stream, overcoming all the problems of the first attempt. But decoding the bitstream into program code is going to be harder than I thought. I was hoping […]