Supermax Profit

Imagine a land where the capitalist ideal is stretched so far, prisoners sue for and win the right to choose which for-profit private prison they will go to. Where penitentiary placement representatives do outreach marketing to convicted individuals while they wait between conviction and sentencing,  courting them with pamphlets and promises, going into broad generalities […]

Broad Strokes

It’s particularly vexing to me when I see a friend or family member say or post something that puts down “the gays”. It paints a broad brush stroke over a whole group of humans and robs a piece of their dignity. I’m not gay…but I’m also not straight. I’m open-minded. The sort of talk above […]


Adverb for agreement and consent. Amen. Statement of “so be it”. Amen. Punctuation to a long prayer. Amen. That is the past. These are our hopes. This is our intent. Amen. Please let us move on, dream on, go forward into the dark night. Amen. Pushing to the sunrise of our souls, of our world. […]