Call and Response

So much to sayNothing to sayScream to the void like old friendScream to the robotsScream to the pipesWhispers on the other endHoller speak say hope prayNot echo, but responseNot me to meBut you. From you.Please be you.Answer back.


cd ~ wget somepackage.tar.gz tar -gxf somepackage.tar.gz man tar tar -zxf somepackage.tar.gz cd somepackage-1.23-45 less README less INSTALL ls less INSTALL.DEBIAN ./ chmod u+x ./ ./configure apt-get install libtool ./configure # grunt make apt-get install lib-dependency1824 make apt-get install lib-dependency692 make # wait 7 minutes apt-get install lib-dependency324 lsb_release -a # google lib-dependency324 on […]