Under the Hoodie

It’s hoodie weather, everyone! The hoodie is easily my most useful garment (aside from pants). warm dark colors instant cloak obscures my spare tire keeps the cold off my neck secret zip-up bib for slurping noodles sleeves useful for operating public doorknobs kangaroo pockets for carrying tools or hiding hands disguises the fact that I’ve […]

“Desolation Angels”, a Review

Finished reading Jack Kerouac’s “Desolation Angels” (1965), after 4 months of lugging it around in my backpack and car (I find books difficult to read with my current lifestyle, and would have better success if I ignored all the other humans in my vicinity). In this, Kerouac through his proxy Jack Dolouz begins this chapter […]


Ours is a time when we go around screaming, “Kill your gods”, but get squeamish the moment we have to kill our gods. From one direction: just how dedicated are you to your cause? From the other direction: is your cause actually worth the dedication? The structuralist would say the answer is somewhere in the […]