Monthly Archives: November 2017


Current mood: sullen

Not ready to return to work after a week off. Spent the time with family, so it resembled a vacation but also didn’t.

Oh well. I’m back in Austin, returned to all the aggravations I left last Tuesday. Took only a handful of hours to remember how it feels to have an army of anonymous drones getting in my way at every turn.

Oh well. Fuck Austin.


Unless some people told you, you’d never know they’d been on vacation.


Lights and sights on Monday nights

Mt. Tabor and its distant neighbor.

Blue to the zoo

Otter under wotter

Trunk punk slunk through his bunk.

Praise for the fallen

Eastbound, drawbridges down.

View in Lan Su

Heaven is a city named Powell

Strong breeze pacifies me.

Goonies never say Die.