Tune In, Stream Out

Got modern and bought a teevee. Now I’m a teevee watcher. I’m one of those now. Ah well. But, hey, at least I’ve finally achieved my New Year’s Resolution of 1080p.

Also in the news, “Strange Things” is a great series. Soundtrack’s so good, makes me want to play with my synthesizers, which I’m not doing enough. Weird. Strange.

Work’s got me down, but it is what it is, isn’t it?

I don’t write enough.

Also, Android Marshmallow is smoother and nicer than Android Lollipop. Samsung finally pushed it to my tablet this morning, unexpectedly. “Good morning, we’ve downloaded the latest OS. You should install it!” Now I can install the Facebook app and prevent it from getting access to anything it wants.



I On

  • I am generally pretty negative
  • I am attracted to groups of positive people and hang out with them until another group is more attractive
  • I sometimes move freely between groups if they’re metal enough to let me do so
  • I am known to pass information between groups, but otherwise keep my distance
  • I usually perform useful work for them, which seems to be my one defining trait
  • I do my best work immediately before dropping into a lower state to wait for something external to bring me back up
  • I can never simultaneously know what I’m doing and how well I’m doing it

It’s pretty fucking obvious to me now: I’m an electron.