So with the recent bombings in Paris, Syria, et cetera, and the anti-Islam radicalism that’s popped up, it seems Texas has shown its own special brand of hate by defacing mosques. I’m against this sort of thing, personally. It’s a hateful act.

BUT: I’m an atheist. Normally, I would not give a damn if someone defaced a baptist or catholic church. I just wouldn’t. It’s not something I believe, so why do I need to be offended or take arms to defend against hate when it’s lobbed against the majority U.S. religion? Right? So where does this defensive urge to protect mosques come from? Because they are the underdog? The underclass? There’s an inherent racism and classism going on there, and I need to keep that in check. Islam is no minority shareholder. So why the defense?

I see posts of people making signs and human walls around mosques in a show of “we don’t hate you” solidarity. That makes me glad. But why? Is it some hope that we as a race of privileged white folks get to say, “Please don’t be mad; we’re not all racist assholes”? I mean, sure, I want to say that, but I’m not sure standing up with a sign is good enough.

There’s some healing going on, I hope. I guess. When you have a whole heterogeneous body subconsciously clumped together into a homogeneous stereotype, there will be a subsection of that body that will be terrible people. It happens.

But in this case, I’m just not sure what to do or where I stand. Maybe this is why people just post links and say they’re in support without actually doing anything in the hope they get to be absolved when the shit hits the fan. :shrugs:

Cold Burn

Getting a lot of Facebook ads to join several of many “burner” groups. I may be friends with many people in the local burner community, but I am not a burner myself. It’s like Facebook doesn’t even know me.

For that much, you also don’t know me. Maybe that’s by design. If so, then I do a disservice to myself; when the weather gets cold, when the ground is hard and inhospitable, when nothing grows in my soul, there is no one to give me warmth, strength, passion.

Perhaps I actually am a burner — a burner of bridges.

Counting the Fish

Life of late is an endless stream of distractions. It’s not just the alerts, alarms, notifications, pop ups, warnings, pokes, winks, tweets, shouts…it’s that due to those, I’m now in a headspace where focus is impossible. I think that is to be my undoing. Our undoing. Thank god I don’t have a television, or nothing would get done.

I’ve had ideas, plans, dreams, desires, and I want to do them, to complete them, to win, but when I sit down, I can’t. My eyes stare into the distance. My feet itch. My hands fidget. I want more. Hungry for something.

In my place in the world, it’s a barren desert. Time to move.