Fam on the Lam, and the Van That Moves the Fam Mam

So my mother is moving out of her shack (known in Austin as a “cozy bungalo”) and into my sister’s house. Hoorah for her! After three some-odd years of languish, she’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the technological wonders of plumbing, running water, and central air. Good for her!

She’ll be helping out my sister in her time of need. Everyone will be pulling their resources together and making it work out. Good to see it happening. Circumstances notwithstanding, I’m happy to see the change.

One thing that bothers me, though, is that I found out about this important news through second-hand reporting. I was told tonight when I called up that I would’ve been informed some time soon. Sooner would’ve been preferable; instead, I learn from sideways mention of it during a conversation with another relative over the weekend.

I shouldn’t be so butt-hurt, but being In The Loop with my family would be nice. Hmph.

Leaving IRC, Shutting Up

IRC is the worst place to go if you have something to say.

No matter the message, no matter if you’re pontificating, ranting, trying to convince someone, convey your viewpoint, or call out for other people who agree, it’s the worst place to do it. There’s always going to be one motherfucker who has it out for you. He will issue the smallest number of words to completely derail you and reduce everything you’ve just said to the level of worthlessness.

“Why don’t you just blog about it?”

I’ve had enough. I’m not in with those people. Haven’t been for years. Trying to hold on to some shred of respect and fight for my own relevance. As in real life, so in IRC. This morning was a cascade of insults and issuances that pushed the thorns in a little deeper, and I’ve had enough. I cannot grow a thicker skin; I lack that ability.

I’m done with the oneupmanship. Done with the wit. Done with the insults. Done. I’ve parted all but one of the channels I’m on. It’s been a long time coming, but today was just too much. I don’t IRC from work anymore because I find it destroys any of the concentration I desperately require there. I only IRC in my free time now, and even that time is better spent doing something else. When my IRC window is open, I can do fuckall with any of my projects. Somebody speaks, the window scrolls, and there’s my attention running away.

Hi. My name is Shawn. I’m a recovering IRC addict.

So if I can speak my mind in a monologue on my blog, and if I can have realtime chat on one of many instant-messenger platforms, and if I can debate and argue on untold thousands of web boards and forums, and if I can share files with people in a lot of ways, then what use is IRC? What relevance does IRC have? It is obsolete, then. A ghost town. The domain of oldschool curmudgeons who do little more than idle unless it is to put some else down.

So I’ve done the one thing I do best: leave. I’m voting with my feet. You can say I’m “emoparting”. You’d be correct. You are always correct.

It’s been a long, unproductive ride.